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Lower Back Pain/Neck Pain

These are the most common two areas treated by Osteopaths and are often caused by poor posture,stress,tension a sedentary lifestyle or prolonged spells at the computer. Conversely, to much physical activity can place undue strain on these vulnerable areas.

Trapped nerves (sciatica/arm pain)

This commonly presents as pins and needles/numbness/pain in any combination and usually in a specific area depending on which nerve is compressed. It can be the result of pressure directly on nerves from the spine due to a disc bulge, muscular tension, inflammation or degenerative changes.

Sports injuries

Includes such conditions as golfer’s/tennis elbow, achilles tendonitis, shoulder complaints. Rehabilitation from injury or surgery is also a significant role of the Osteopath, this includes advice on how best to achieve a speedy and full recovery and also how too reduce your chance of injuries occurring in the future.

Pregnancy pain

As a result of the postural demands and the ligament softening both during and after pregnancy back pain is a fairy common complaint. This can be managed well by Osteopathy.

Fluid retention (hands and feet) can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, heartburn and symphysis pubic pain are other common presentations. With pain relief being very limited in pregnancy are help and advice can provide a great deal of relief in this difficult time.

Visceral problems

The Viscera-or internal organs are one of many areas of the body that Osteopaths treat on a regular basis. Conditions such as Digestive Problems, including indegestion, IBS, Premenstrual Syndrome(s), the alleviation of Asthmatic symptoms can all be affectively addressed by Osteopathy. By working on the organs themselves both directly and indirectly via the Nervous System many patients soon realise how much more we can treat!

Cranial-sacral osteopathy (babies & children)

Parents have been bringing their babies and children for osteopathic treatment for generations – for more and more conditions – but it is Colic in all its manifestations that is still the major one we see on a regular basis. Please phone us to discuss any concerns you may have and whether osteopathy could help you. It is a very gentle and non-invasive approach.